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Brainerd fishing guidesBrainerd has excellent crappie fishing from first ice through mid March. The key to consistently catching crappie throughout the winter is mobility. Our Brainerd fishing guides utilize several techniques to keep on fish throughout the season. 

Early Ice Crappie Fishing
My favorite early season ice fishing lakes have always the smaller lakes. They freeze over quickly and provide good ice fishing conditions several weeks earlier than larger lakes. Most smaller lakes don't have a public access and therefore are inaccessible during the open water periods. All Brainerd fishing guides have their favorite secret lake for ice fishing crappies in the Brainerd Lakes area. Mine are located in the region northeast of Brainerd, Minnesota. Many of these lakes are less than 200 acres in size and lake public access. The lakes are basically a big dish bowl with one or two deep holes. Early season winter crappies will migrate to the deepest water in the lake. Search for lakes that have holes that are at least 40 feet in depth. Shallower lakes are prone to winter kills and will keep crappies from reaching their maximum size. have The smaller lakes typically don't have a public accesses for catching crappies are the smaller ones. Not only do these lakes freeze over quicker than the larger ones; but in most cases, these types of lakes have large area shallow areas and with just a few deep holes. Crappies in these types of lakes will search out these deeper holes as winter approaches. The crappies will usually be suspended half way down in the water column and be relating to some deep water point that extends into the deep water area. 

Brainerd Fishing Guide Lures
My favorite crappie ice fishing lure is a 1/16 oz chartreuse/white Glow Demon jig. I like the jig because it has an excellent hook with a wide gap capable of hooking the larger crappies. Many jigs have hooks with too small of a gap. These types of hooks will catch the smaller crappies, but will only catch a piece of skin on a larger fish. There's no worst feeling than having a nicer fish on and then having the hook pull free because you where using a jig with too small of a hook gap.

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